Quality at the Heart of Everything We Do 

Last Updated August 2014 

This page provides information about how we place quality at the heart of everything we do. You can download our Quality Account, find out about our Quality Priorities and read about Registration of NHS Trusts.

The highest priority for The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust is to continue to improve the quality of the services we provide for our patients.

Improving the quality of our services includes:

Patient Experience Striving for the best experience of care for our patients and their families & carers
Patient Safety Making our care as safe as possible and reducing harm
Clinical Outcomes Providing care that gives our patients the best chance of recovery and reduced long term disability

Quality Priorities

Every year we identify a set of priority areas for improving quality.  These priorities are decided based on feedback we receive from our patients and communities, from our commissioners, from inspectors and regulators, from national guidance and other sources.

You can find our annual Quality Priorities in our Quality Account. This is available from our Quality Account page.

Quality Accounts

Every year we publish a Quality Account. This important document sets out how we seek to continue to improve the quality of the services it provides.

Please visit our Quality Account page to read our latest Quality Account

Registration with the Care Quality Commission

Every NHS Trust must be registered with the Care Quality Commission.  This is the independent inspectorate of the NHS. You can find details of our registration with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) from the CQC website.

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