Trust maintains its strong record of tackling infections 


29 January 2013

It has now been more than 300 days since the last MRSA bacteraemia case was recorded in our hospitals. This achievement is thanks to the efforts of staff in every part of the Trust.

The organisation has a ticking clock on the front page of the staff intranet so that everyone working on a computer can see how long it has been since the last MRSA bacteraemia, and this has now passed 300 days. In fact, there have only been two cases recorded in the last 27 months.

Vicky Morris, Chief Nurse and Director of Quality and Safety at the Trust, said: “Reducing infections such as MRSA and Clostridium difficile in our hospitals is a top priority for the Trust. We have a very strong record when it comes to tackling infections, which is a result of the hard work and dedication shown by staff working in every part of the Trust.”

The NHS wants everyone to stay fit and healthy this winter. By preventing germs from circulating we can all play our part in helping to reduce infections such as MRSA and Clostridium difficile, as well as the spread of flu, stomach bugs and other winter illnesses.

By washing your hands with soap and water and making sure they’re dried properly you can significantly reduce the number of germs circulating and reduce your chances of getting ill. Anyone visiting patients should ensure their hands are cleaned before entering or leaving a ward or clinical area, either using soap and water or the hand gels provided.

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