Flu is circulating - are you protected? 


23 January 2013

Shropshire County Primary Care NHS Trust and NHS Telford & Wrekin are encouraging people who are entitled to a free flu jab but have not yet had it to book an appointment.

A copy of their official announcement can be found by clicking here, and also follows below.

Flu is circulating. Are you protected?

Shropshire County PCT and NHS Telford and Wrekin are encouraging people who may not have had their free flu jab to book their appointment.

The flu season has begun and the NHS is starting to see cases of flu circulating in the community. The message from the local NHS is not too put off having your immunisation. Don’t listen to the flu myths find out the flu facts from your GP.

Around 72% of people 65 and over had the free flu immunisation by the end of December, whilst this is in line with national figures this still means that over 25% have not taken up their invite from their GP.

The flu immunisation is effective- and protects against the two most common strains of influenza A and also Influenza type B.  The NHS has seen both type A and B in recent weeks in the West Midlands!


  • People who are eligible for the free flu immunisation need to boost their immunity each year
  • The flu immunisation is safe and quick. You can not get flu from the flu immunisation as it is not a live vaccine.
  • It is not just people 65 and over who are eligible for the free immunisation. Pregnant women, carers and people with long term conditions are also eligible. Long term conditions include: 
               Chronic heart conditions 
               Stroke and chronic neurological conditions 
               Chronic respiratory diseases 
               Chronic liver disease 
               Chronic kidney disease.

For more information on which groups are eligible speak to your GP practice.

Dr John Reid, Consultant in Public Health for NHS Telford and Wrekin, said: “I cannot stress enough the importance of people getting their free flu immunisation. Do not underestimate flu, it is more than a bad cold. Unfortunately, each year, there are cases of people who die as a result of flu.

“We know that across the country and locally the flu season has started and we are seeing cases of flu. It is not too late to get a free flu immunisation, but please do not wait until people you know have flu.”

Dr Irfan Ghani, Shropshire County PCT’s Consultant in Public Health, said: “People who are eligible for the free flu immunisation receive an invite from their GP practice. However some of these people don’t come forward. We are encouraging these people to discuss this with their GP practice.

"Don’t listen to the flu myths find out the flu facts from your GP. The flu immunisation is safe, effective and cannot give you the flu. Don’t wait until it is too late, book your appointment today.”

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