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Ward 17 Neonatal Unit - Royal Shrewsbury Hospital 

Last updated August 2014 

Our philosophy of care

Neonatal Care is a profession based on a caring relationship.  It is both an art and a science based on knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Inherent in neonatal care is sensitivity, empathy and respect for individual wishes, cultures and customs of people in order to provide holistic family centred care in a secure and welcoming environment.

It is a dynamic process, which is responsive to the changing needs of society and evolves through the application of study and research in neonatal care.


We have 22 cots, of which six are intensive care/high dependency. As the babies become less medically dependent, they are moved to cubicles, then to areas suitable to prepare them for going home.

We also have rooms reserved for mum and dad to stay in with their baby for one or more nights just before taking baby home.

When you and your baby leave the neonatal unit, we also have a neonatal outreach team to provide support in the community. More information is available from our neonatal services page.


Parents are welcome to visit their babies at any time of the day or night.  There is also open visiting for your own children.  Your baby will be vulnerable to infections so we ask that baby’s brothers and sisters do not enter the unit if they have coughs or colds, or any other illness until they are fully recovered. No other children are permitted for infection control purposes.

Grandparents of the baby may visit between 4pm and 8 pm. (One at a time and accompanied by a parent). No other relatives/friends are permitted.

Our Telephone Number

24 hour communication for parents of babies on the Neonatal Unit: 01743 261217
(For confidentiality reasons we are unable to give information to anyone other than the babies’ parents over the telephone.)

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