Comfort Pebbles and SaTH Rockers

Comfort Pebbles

Visiting restrictions during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has led to many patients and the people important to them being separated.

We hope to provide some comfort to patients in hospital due to COVID-19, by giving them a decorated pebble containing a personalised message from someone important to them. The pebble can be held and used as a way to keep close to loved ones during this time, where we are asked to remain socially-distant.

Comfort Pebbles 2020 is an initiative which was developed between Love on the Rocks UK, Keech Hospice Care and the Hospice UK Team.

Palm sized pebbles are painted by a community of pebble artists known as rockers. Each pebble is different in design however the back of the pebble is left blank to enable a brief message or name to be written and the pebble to be personalised.

The pebbles are varnished to ensure that they can be cleaned in line with infection control guidance.

If you would like to send a comfort pebble to someone important to you who is in hospital, please speak to others who may wish to be included in the message. We can only provide one pebble to each patient to ensure that requests can be met.

Would you like to send a comfort pebble? Complete the form below to send a request.

SaTH Rockers

We have a number of decorated palm-sized pebbles from members of the public; but we would like to ensure that every patient being treated for Coronavirus or those isolated from family with no access to them in our hospitals is able to receive a comfort pebble. If you are a rocker or an artist able to support this appeal, please send your name and contact details to

If you have any questions, please contact the Patient Experience Team by email: or by phone: 01743 261000 extension 5423 or 2503

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