Transition (Children to Adult) Audiology Services

From around the age of 15, most young people have their Audiology review appointments in the ‘Transition Clinic’. The aim of the clinic is to prepare young adults for the move from paediatric to adult audiology services, which includes support through further education and/or employment. The final transfer to the adult audiology services will not take place until the person is ready, usually once they have started further education or full time employment.

What to expect at your transition appointment?

During your appointment you can expect,

  • A hearing assessment and check of your hearing aid(s).
  • To meet your Transition Hearing Therapist/Audiologist.
  • To be supported by other professionals, including your Teacher of the Deaf from the Sensory Inclusion Service.
  • Information you need about further education and employment.
  • To develop awareness of services available before, during and after their transition (e.g. Access to Work, Disability Living Allowance).
  • To develop knowledge of Assistive Listening Devices and how to use them with their hearing aid(s).

How to make an appointment?

Approximately 12 months after the transition appointment you will be given the opportunity to have a further review appointment. New moulds, repairs, tubing can also be requested at any time by contacting the Audiology department.

Hearing therapy appointments are available if you need further support or advice on,

  • Tinnitus
  • Employment and Education
  • Assistive Listening Devices
  • Communication skills to increase confidence
  • Support services and organisations

We will work to develop an appropriate support package during this transition period.

Sensory Inclusion Service

For more information about the Sensory Inclusion Service, including updates and local events, please visit the Sensory Inclusion Service Website