Rose Continuity Team Midwives: WREKIN MLU

As part of a nationwide programme, we would like to introduce ourselves as the new Continuity of Care Team for  GP practices Limeswalk and Donnington, as part of a pilot scheme.

We are a small team of midwives who aim to provide all of your care.

You will have a named midwife who will provide most of that care, with the other Rose Team members aiming to meet you in your pregnancy, so when you go into labour, wherever you are booked to birth your baby, a member of The Rose Team will care for you.

You will have the same number of antenatal appointments, but the beauty of continuity of care, means that this can be at a time and place to suit you.

It is important for you to know that there may be the rare occasion where we have to cancel your appointments at short notice, due to a team member providing labour care, however, we will aim to keep this to a minimum.

In addition to your appointments, you will have invites to informal meet the team sessions.

For more information please contact the Rose Team on

01952 565855