Volunteers Needed

We are looking for volunteers to support patients, visitors and staff at SaTH in a non-clinical capacity. Our volunteers come from a range of backgrounds and can be anyone aged 16+, we have students wanting to gain experience, people wanting to explore new careers or just those who want to give back to their local community. Become a Response Volunteer [...]

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Lavender Garden opens for staff and patients

A previously unloved space has been redeveloped using SaTH Charitable Funds in a space behind Ward 32/Fracture Clinic at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. The redevelopment came from a request from the End of Life Care Team after a patient on Ward 32 expressed a wish to go outside for a final time to feel the sun on his face [...]

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2 February 2022

As a Trust we always strive to provide the best possible care for our patients and we endeavour to improve the services we provide by listening to our colleagues, patients and their carers. As mentioned last week, a key part to improving the care that we offer is that we do this in a way that reflects the direct experience [...]

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