As a Trust, we are committed to making sure that our website can be accessed by as many visitors as possible.

Our website complies with the World Wide Web Consortiums (W3C’s) Level AA guidelines for accessibility and we are committed to maintaining and improving the accessibility of our website.

If you have any problems accessing the site, or would like more information, please contact us at

How We Can Assist You With Reading Our Website

After extensive background research into accessibility tools, we installed Browsealound. This third party system, also used by the NHS England website, gives a large range of accessibility support, including read aloud and translation features.

In order to launch Browsealoud, please click on the orange icon in the top right corner of our website.

Once the Browsealoud toolbar has been opened you can then click on any text to hear it out loud.

Browsealoud provides the following:

  • Text-to-speech: Click on or select any text to hear it read aloud
  • Translation: Click on the globe icon for written and spoken translations in multiple languages
  • MP3 Generation: Click on the MP3 icon to convert selected text into an MP3 audio file
  • Screen Mask: Provides a letter-box style bar to dim surrounding text
  • Text magnification: Enlarges text in a box at the top of the screen and reads it out loud
  • Web page simplifer: Removes clutter from the screen, displaying only the main text. Also allows the user to change font size, font colour and background
  • Settings: Customise options to suit individual needs or preferences. This includes setting an automatic font/background colour for text highlighting/simplified view, reversing the screen mask feature so that it appears as a dark ruler and changing voice properties

Please see the You Tube video below for further guidance on using Browsealoud

Useful Links for Making Your Computer More Accessible