Julie Clarke with nurses from ENT and the team of Wellington OrbitLocal Cinema and Charity, Wellington Orbit, have shown their appreciation to our Staff at The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust (SaTH) and purchased a bench for the use of staff on their breaks.

Phil Morris-Jones, Chairman of Wellington Orbit said “We [Wellington Orbit] wanted to show our love for the NHS staff at Princess Royal Hospital and Royal Shrewsbury Hospital and we first started by creating and delivering Orbit Care Packages for them during the national lockdown.

“Following the success of our first hamper delivery in January we supported them again with even more essential pick-me-up items such as moisturisers, breakfast bars and tasty snacks in February. This was made possible by reallocation of our own funds and asking the community to come together to show their support by donating a small amount.

“In March we decided we wanted to offer one final gift in the form of a lasting donation and Nicola, from the SaTH Charity team, suggested a bench would be a lasting reminder of, not just our support, but of the kindness and support the public showed during the pandemic.”

Julia Clarke, Director of Public Participation said “Wellington Orbit have been a great partner at the start of the year, and showed their support on a number of occasion. We are delighted at the bench they have purchased as it is a permanent nod to their support, it is also incredibly helpful as we have has to vastly increased our outdoor areas to allow for social distancing.”

Sue Edwards, Sister of the ENT Ward said “We are in the process of redeveloping our courtyard for staff to take their breaks in, we are really grateful to Wellington Orbit for their donation which is definitely going to make taking breaks much more comfortable.”

As an additional thank you to NHS Staff, are offering a special NHS discount in their cinema https://wellingtonorbit.co.uk/.