8 November 2023

It’s World Radiography Day on 8 November. Meet some of our incredible Radiography colleagues…


Diagnostic Radiography

Andy – Assistant Practitioner

Andy started in the Trust as an Imaging Assistant. In 2019/2020 he decided to go back to college to complete English and Maths GCSE . With the Trust’s full support he completed both courses in 2020. Andy then applied for the Assistant Practitioner (Radiology) apprenticeship course and started University in September 2020.

Andy said: “The apprenticeship had so many benefits, it meant I could learn whilst earning a continuous wage for the whole two-year period, still being able to support my family. The course consisted of four days on the job training with one day attendance at Birmingham City University. If it was not for the apprenticeship course I would have not of progressed to where I am now. I qualified in September 2022 enabling me to go from a band 2 to a band 4 with the potential in the future of doing another apprenticeship to become a qualified Radiographer.”


Inyene  – Diagnostic Radiographer

Inyene works as a Diagnostic Radiographer, mostly as a plain film Radiographer and rotate through Computed Tomography(CT).

Inyene said: “My day-to-day responsibilities include producing diagnostically accurate images while maintaining a safe work environment and supporting in/outpatients across the main acute hospital sites and the Community Diagnostic Centre(CDC).

“I love the dynamic nature of the Radiography profession; opportunities to improve daily and to support the training of student Radiographers in their career journey I find gratifying. Knowing that I play a crucial role, however little to accurate diagnosis, care and overall patient experience is perhaps the most rewarding for me and this in turn gives me the courage to make it through demanding workdays.”



Therapeutic Radiography

Carrie – Apprentice Therapeutic Radiographer

Following a look around her local Radiotherapy department, Carrie applied to be a Radiotherapy Care Assistant whilst doing a part-time Access to Health course at a local college. Following the course completion, started as an Apprentice Therapeutic Radiographer.

Carrie said: “The split is approximately 20% online learning and 80% in the department. This works well for me as I learn so much when in the department and it gives me the time to put learning into practice. It also works for my personal life as I live near the hospital, I can sort childcare around working hours and I am paid a wage whilst learning.

“I feel very supported by my colleagues who are keen to teach me and help me get involved in patient’s treatment. My workplace mentor has been amazing at coaching me, helping me set targets and holding workshops to enhance my understanding; she is by far my biggest cheerleader.”


Jess – Senior Therapeutic Radiographer

Jess studied at Birmingham City University and carried out her placements in the radiotherapy department at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. As a student she was encouraged to assist in the delivery of radiotherapy as soon as she was on placement. This helped solidify the knowledge she had learnt at university.

Jess said: “As a therapeutic radiographer you get to build trusting relationships with your patients who you often see for many weeks in a row, spending such a long time with your patients means you can support their medical and emotional needs. In this way working as a therapeutic radiographer is very rewarding.

“I most enjoy the environment that working in pairs creates, meaning we can share decision making to help deliver the best possible care.”