27 July 2018

The League of Friends at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital is hoping to get more than a few notes from its latest charity donation—thanks to the help of two of our electricians.

From left: Mark Arnold, Paul Wenlock and Lee Herkes with the guitar.

The League was donated an electric guitar to sell, but nobody knew if it was in full working order or not.

That is until the hospital Trust’s electricians, Paul Wenlock and Mark Arnold, stepped in to give it the once over.

Now the League is hoping to auction off the Epiphone Les Paul Special II guitar.

Lee Herkes, Shops Manager with the League of Friends, said: “When the guitar was donated it was unknown if it was working or not.

“Paul came to test some eclectics for us and, knowing he is in a couple of bands, we got to talking about the guitar and he and Mark offered to test it for us.

“The guitar was unfortunately not in full working order, but without being asked they repaired the guitar, which meant dismantling it, soldering components inside and securing loose parts.

“They then polished it and returned it to us, refusing any payment for the work they had done on it.

“It is amazing what Paul and Mark have done. It would have been an ornament if it wasn’t for them – now it is a working guitar that has increased in value, which is great for the League of Friends.”

Paul, an electrical apprentice, plays in two cover bands—The Academy and Good To Go—and will be soon playing in an event for the League of Friends.

Mark said: “It is a 1997 model and in very, very good condition. I just did a few repairs, re-strung it and gave it a complete service – and it is now as good as new.

“I have been in live music since about 1976 – I can do everything with a guitar except play it!”