5 March 2024

A new critical care unit, as part of the Hospitals Transformation Programme (HTP), is set to improve support for the most vulnerable patients in Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin and mid Wales.

The HTP plans will ensure care will be improved for everyone with the Princess Royal Hospital site specialising in planned care, and the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital (RSH) site specialising in emergency care. In addition to this, a 24/7 enhanced urgent care service will be available at the Princess Royal Hospital site.

This new unit, part of new healthcare facilities at the RSH, will provide essential support for the most critically ill patients and will be supported 24/7 by all the required medical and surgical specialities on one site.

It will support the new Emergency Medicine Department, 24-hour urgent care services, and all the specialist wards, assessment area and operating theatres in our hospital specialising in Emergency Care. Clinicians are confident this will improve care for these most vulnerable of patients and are excited about these plans.

The proposed new unit will see an increase in the number of beds in one location from 25 to the predicted requirement of 32. This increased capacity will help accommodate growing demand and provide increased resilience and improves infection prevention and control.

Patients will also benefit from single occupancy rooms to provide greater privacy and dignity and a more positive environment to support their recovery with access to a new outside sky garden for long stay patients. Relatives will also benefit from improved overnight accommodation to stay close to their loved ones.

Dr Chris Mowatt, Clinical Director for Critical Care, said: “The planned changes to the Critical Care Unit are another promising proposition for patients and clinicians alike, helping bring together the expertise our patients need and improve care through improved facilities that support modern, sustainable healthcare practices.

“These changes will help create a much better patient experience where they will benefit from high quality, specialist care in one place, alongside facilities to make their time in hospital much more comfortable. The changes will also improve working conditions for staff, helping further improve recruitment and retention efforts.”

The HTP received formal approval for the Outline Business Case in December 2023 and now enters the final stage of approval, the Full Business Case (FBC). The proposed new critical care unit is part of the detailed plans being prepared as part of the FBC and is subject to Government approval.