Shropshire Audiology Services

Hearing aid repair and maintenance service postal service

Whilst face-to-face Audiology clinics are temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, Shropshire NHS Audiology continues to provide non face-to-face services including postal, online and telephone support.

Postal Service for broken hearing aids
If you are experiencing problems with your hearing aid/s, you can send them, with the correct postage, to Audiology at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital or the Princess Royal Hospital in Telford. A padded envelope containing two boxed hearing aids will cost approximately £3-4 to send from the Post Office.

So we can return your hearing aids, please provide a note in the envelope with your name and address, date of birth and a brief explanation of the problem with the hearing aid.

We will repair your hearing aid the day we receive it and send it back to you by first class post.

We can also offer phone and email advice for issues you are experiencing with your hearing aids, details of which can be found below.

Please note, due to social distancing measures there will be no dropin repair service moving forward, the service will be available by booked appointment only.

Postal Service for Spare tubing, domes and batteries:

Telephone Consultations
Audiologist staff have continued to provide telephone consultations for Tinnitus and Hearing Therapy patients.

Sudden Hearing Losses:
If you have experienced sudden hearing loss, please ring your GP.