Funds from SaTH Charity are supporting a falls prevention trial within the Trust. Almost £1500 has been invested in the trial so far.Fall prevention training

Falls are the most common adverse event in acute hospitals, with over 400 individual factors contributing to cause a patient to fall.

Identification and close observation of patients at a higher risk of falling can help prevent and reduce the number of falls.

Leanne Morgan, Falls Prevention Practitioner, said: “A trial of a falls prevention sensor mats is being undertaken on Wards 10/11, Princess Royal Hospital. The mats are designed to sit under the patient either in bed or in the chair and will immediately alert staff to patient movement.

“As well as the valuable eyes and ears of our staff, the mats provide another way of detecting movement and preventing potential falls. The mats will alert staff and hopefully give them the opportunity to prevent a fall before it occurs.

“We hope to see a 40% reduction in the number of inpatient falls as a result, over the 2-month trial period. If this trial is successful, then the equipment will be considered for roll out to all inpatient wards across both hospital sites.

“Preventing falls is always one of our highest priorities due to the impact that it has on patients. These mats can help to reduce falls, associated injuries/distress, length of stay and associated costs. We are grateful that SaTH Charity has been able to support this trial.”

Julia Clarke, Director of Public Participation, said “This trial is incredibly significant to the Trust and our ongoing dedication to supporting our patients. It is great to see charitable funds being put to a use that can track and improve real outcomes for our patients and if this intervention proves successful look to rolling it out more widely.”