Karen Breese, Dementia Care Clinical Specialist for SaTH, recently jumped out of a plane to raise money for patients living with dementia. An image of Dementia Nurse Karen Breese preparing for her paracute jump

The dementia fund purchases items that provide comfort to patients whilst in hospital, these could be reminiscence items such as therapy dolls or soft toys. Karen has raised £640 for the fund, but more is needed as many of the items are single use.

She said: “We will use the funds raised to continue to support our clinical areas with activities games, books, cards, dominos etc. All are used to prevent deconditioning, maintain physical and mental well-being whilst in the hospital.”

Julia Clarke, Director of Public Participation, said: “We are grateful for Karen fearlessly jumping out of a plane to support her patients, we recognise the positive difference these items make to dementia patients and are glad she landed safely!”

If you would like to donate to the fund you can find the link to Karen’s JustGiving page here