By Kate Marsh, Highly Specialist Physiotherapist at SaTH

Hello, my name is Kate, I’m a Physiotherapist at RSH, and I’ve decided to start a regular cycling blog to share the benefits I and some of my colleagues have found from cycling to work.

Today (8 August) is ‘National Cycle to Work Day’, which aims to highlight the physical and mental health benefits of cycling. From building fitness to relieving stress and reducing risk of health problems, there are so many positives to getting on your bike.

I started working at SaTH in April and joined a lovely, but rather cycle-mad department of Outpatient Therapists. I quickly caught the bug and joined them in choosing to cycle to work each day, travelling from my home in Belle Vue. I have enjoyed my commute to and from work so much, particularly as I am lucky enough to cycle through the Quarry along the river, which has become a real highlight of my day!

My role at SaTH is to run the Staff Fast-track Physio Service and I am passionate about promoting healthy lifestyles, so cycling has fitted seamlessly into my life. I got my bike through the ‘Cycle to Work Scheme’ several years ago, which I think worked out at about £18 per month for 18 months.

It might not be the ‘sportiest’ looking bike (and some people may laugh at the little basket on the front – especially when I have my cheeky border terrier, Percy, sat in it), but it’s perfect for cycling short distances in and around town and to work. The bike is a hybrid Dawes ‘Dutchess’ bike with seven gears and nice leather padded seat – and it suits me perfectly.

In the few short months I’ve been cycling to and from work I can tell my fitness has improved already as the hill up Porthill Road is getting easier! Cycling is also a good way to burn a few calories…just a 20 minute cycle burns around 100 calories. I find it hugely beneficial that I can keep fit without taking time out of my evenings; cycling takes no extra time when compared to driving, as when there’s busy school traffic on the roads I’m cycling along the river, so it’s win-win!

Over the coming weeks, some of my colleagues will be sharing cycling stories with their own blog posts. We hope this will encourage and inspire other members of staff to consider cycling to work themselves.

Our team are of varied abilities – some are really active and cycle from as far as Church Stretton, while others like me take to the roads to relax – but we all agree that we’ve benefitted hugely by changing our commute and taking up cycling to work.

I hope this blog demonstrates that cycling isn’t just for the super sporty and gives you the confidence to give it a go yourself.

If you want any advice or support, or if you would like to join us and write your own cycle blog, then please get in touch: