As part of a national initiative, we are transferring our email system from the old addresses ( to NHS mail ( This is for a number of reasons, including data security, so it is vital we make the switch.

If you work at the Trust and currently use a SaTH email address you will need to act now, as all SaTH email addresses will soon expire.

We have created email addresses for all users, which will be matched with your current SaTH account. The emails in your SaTH inbox will be transferred over to your account, minus attachments (and your mailbox will need to be under a certain size). You can find out more about what will and wont be carried over by visiting our NHS Mail intranet page, which is linked to in the “Find out about” section of the intranet homepage.

For the match-up to happen you need to have activated your NHS.Net account or you will lose access to email on switchover day.

As a SaTH email user, in mid-July you will have received two emails – the first with your NHS net email, the second with a password. The emails also include information about how to activate your account. This activation needs to happen by 14 September. If you are having trouble activating our account please visit intranet/nhsmail for information and guides.

**All those who have active accounts on 14 September are in with a chance of winning a new iPod Touch**

If you already have an active email address then you need not worry – your account will carry on as usual.