Meet the Team

Senior Medical Staff

Other Medical Staff

Mr Sajad Ahangar: ENT Specialty Doctor
Dr Veronica Barry: ENT Specialty Doctor
Dr Anna Kyurkchiyska: ENT Specialty Doctor
Mr Dimitrios Chatzoudis: Locum ENT Specialty Doctor

Ms Alison Conybeare: ENT Specialty Registrar
Mr Sanjay Patel: ENT Specialty Registrar
Miss Sara Badrol: ENT Specialty Registrar

The unit also has 1 Core ENT Surgical Trainee, 2 GP Trainees and 3 Foundation Doctors, who rotate through the department every 4-6 months.

Nursing Staff
Clare Marsh: Head & Neck Matron

Head & Neck and Day Surgery Unit (PRH)
Holly Hardiman: Ward Manager
Alyson Richards: Sister
Lucy Stone: Sister

ENT Outpatients
Claire Cox – Department Manager
Christine Waters – Outpatient ENT Sister
Ginnie Roberts – ENT Clinical Nurse Specialist
Susan Edwards – ENT Nurse Practitioner