Pictured at Caffe Bistro at PRH are, from left – Shelley Gooding, Food Safety Compliance Manager; Caffe Bistro Baristas Katie Tibbert and Sharon Follows; and Nicola White, Deputy Catering Manager.

15 February 2017

A coffee shop and main kitchen at Shropshire’s acute hospitals have been awarded five-star hygiene ratings.

Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) gave the rating to Caffe Bistro at the Princess Royal Hospital (PRH) and the main kitchen, including the Mytton Restaurant, at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital (RSH).

Inspections are due to take place for the main kitchen at PRH, including the Apley Restaurant, and Coffee City at RSH in the near future.

Shelley Gooding, Food Safety Compliance Manager at The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust, which runs RSH and PRH, praised staff for the achievement.

Pictured in the Mytton Restaurant at RSH are, from left – Ian Stuart, Catering Operations Manager at RSH; Shelley Gooding, Food Safety Compliance Manager; Julie Holmes, Plated Meals Supervisor; Matt Lewis, Assistant Plated Meals Supervisor; Ann Davies, Commercial Supervisor; Trisha Young, Kitchen Supervisor; and Rob Jones, Assistant Chef.

She said: “The ratings were given in a formal visit by council EHOs and I’m very pleased to say we have maintained our five-star rating for Caffe Bistro at PRH and the main kitchen at RSH.

“The inspectors looked at our food safety management procedures, the structure of the areas, our equipment, cleaning and food hygiene procedures.

“This achievement is a testament to our staff who work really hard to ensure the best cleanliness and hygiene standards are achieved. They have also ensured we are following allergy procedures so that patients, visitors and staff can be sure of what they are eating.

“We hope to achieve the same rating for our kitchen at PRH and Coffee City at RSH when inspectors visit in the near future.”