Freedom to Speak Up – Raising Concerns

Medical Secretary

The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust is committed to achieving the highest possible standards of quality, honesty, openness and accountability in all its practices. The Trust is also committed to developing a culture where it is safe and acceptable for all employees and colleagues to raise concerns.

The Trust has appointed Freedom to Speak Up Guardians: Helen Turner (Lead) and Chan Kaur. They play a key role in helping to raise the profile of raising concerns and provide confidential advice and support to staff in relation to concerns they have about patient safety and/or the way their concern has been handled. The National Guardian’s Office has outlined the purpose and key principles of the guardian role.

Members of staff can contact the Freedom to Speak Up Guardians at, or call the switchboard numbers to be put through to a mobile (RSH 01743 261000, PRH 01952 642222).

Top tips for effectively reporting you concern:

  • Keep records of assurance of action or if your concern hasn’t been dealt with -maintain professionalism
  • Understand that confidentiality isn’t always possible to effectively deal with concerns
  • Be positive, keep notes and copies of communications
  • Gain the support of your colleagues (if they share your concern)
  • Follow your internal policy and procedures available on the intranet in the HR policy pages
  • Keep in contact with your manager or designated person
  • Understand your rights and the support available to you
  • Be specific and focus on the facts

In addition, the Trust has signed up to the Nursing Times Speak Out Safely campaign. For more information, please view our Speak Out Safely document or visit the Nursing Times site.

Our approach to Whistleblowing builds on Our Values, which have been developed with staff and patients. Members can also seek additional support by contacting the Non-Executive Director Whistleblowing Champion call 07849 080026 or independent advice from the National Whistleblowing Helpline 0800 0724725.

Further information for staff is available in the Freedom to Speak up (Whistleblowing) Policy.