1 March 2024

Two charities have bought six reclining chairs for the discharge lounge at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, providing a more comfortable experience for patients.

The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust Charity (SaTH Charity) and the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital League of Friends (LoF) purchased the chairs.

The LoF bought four of the reclining chairs and SaTH Charity purchased two. Previously patients were being seated on standard chairs in the discharge lounge whilst waiting for medication, letters and transport.

Staff working on the discharge lounge contacted the charities to ask for support after recognising that they could significantly improve patient experience and care by providing reclining chairs.

The chairs are now in place and give patients the opportunity to relax more fully whilst they wait for the discharge process to be completed.

Renata Karmazina, a Sister on the Discharge Lounge said: “In the last few weeks of patients using the chair we have had lots of positive comments, particularly from patients who have used our service in the past.

Hannah Adkins and Sister Renata Karmazina sitting in the reclining chairs

“These patients have said how much difference the reclining chairs have made to their comfort in the hours waiting for medication, letters and transport to arrive.”

Deborah Jones from the League of Friends Executive Committee said: “The LoF is delighted to work alongside SaTH Charity to be able to help the staff in the discharge lounge provide a more comfortable experience for their patients by purchasing four reclining chairs and a bank of lockers for their personal belongings.”

Julia Clarke, Director of Public Participation, said: “Working closely with our colleagues in the LoF to jointly respond to requests from areas to improve patient care and experience means we can have a greater impact. I look forward to working with them again on future projects that enhance patient experience and care as this is a goal, we both share.”