3 December 2019

A new state-of-the-art CT scanner is up and running at the Princess Royal Hospital (PRH) in Telford – with the first patients to use it being scanned this week.

The scanner was delivered to the X-ray Department last month and is now fully operational. The first patient was scanned today.

Glen Whitehouse, Jan McCloud and Sally Warren with the new scanner

The latest addition means that there are now four scanners in total in use at SaTH. The additional scanner will ensure the sustainable and reliable delivery of emergency and urgent CT scanning, particularly for stroke and paediatric patients.

Its superior technology will also allow for improved image quality and advanced imaging, such as cardiac.

Alongside the scanner is a newly-created three-bedded bay which will be used for patients waiting for a CT scan, allowing them more privacy.

The scanner and bed bay are part of a £7 million investment in the Trust’s Radiology department which aims to improve patient care and experience.

It means that should one of the scanners need essential maintenance or be out of use, patients will no longer have to be transferred to RSH for their scan.

Glen Whitehouse, Radiology Centre Manager at SaTH, said: “The new CT scanner is now up and running at PRH and will make a real difference for our patients and our staff. We have already scanned our first patients and we have more listed throughout the week.”