29 February 2024

 Becky Mammone, AHP PEF, and Heather Rushworth, PEF Lead for Preceptorship

Becky Mammone, AHP PEF, and Heather
Rushworth, PEF Lead for Preceptorship

A prestigious charter mark has been awarded for the Preceptorship Programme of a Trust, which runs the county’s two acute hospitals.

Heather Rushworth, Senior Practice Education Facilitator (PEF) for Preceptorship, led the Non-medical Education Team at The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust (SaTH) through a robust application process for the charter mark.

Preceptorship programmes welcome and integrate newly registered professionals into their new team and place of work.

It helps these professionals translate their knowledge into everyday practice and helps individuals, teams and the Trust to grow a strong, confident and skilled workforce which will ultimately benefit its patients.

The Trust is the only one in the local area to receive the charter mark for the rolling programme, which is for all new registrants to attend during the first year of their career.

It is made up of a series of study days focusing on topics such as leadership, resilience, quality and safety.

SaTH is one of the only Trusts regionally which does combined preceptorship for nurses, midwives and Allied Health Professions (AHPs), as usually these professions have separate programmes.

Hayley Flavell, Director of Nursing at SaTH, said: “Congratulations to Heather and the Non-medical Education Team for such a fantastic achievement and thank you for all your hard work. The programme shows the innovative ways that we are working to improve the learning and development of my colleagues.”

“The advantage of our professionals learning together is that they understand each other’s roles, which will benefit the clinical area and more importantly the patient.”

Heather brought all the required information together for the charter mark, ensuring the Trust had the correct infrastructure, policies and procedures in place to demonstrate its newly qualified preceptees were supported by clinical areas.

It was then presented to a panel of representatives from the regional nursing teams of NHS England, the regional preceptorship communities of practice and an external assessor.