12 June 2019

Nurses working in the Emergency Departments at Shropshire’s two acute hospitals are honing their skills in real-life simulated environment.

The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust (SaTH) has recruited a number of new nurses to its two A&E departments in recent months; all of whom are being prepared for life in a busy resuscitation area by undergoing intense training session in the Trust’s new Simulation Suite.

SaTH has Emergency Departments at the Princess Royal Hospital (PRH) in Telford and the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital (RSH).

Karen Bryan, Clinical Practice Instructor at SaTH, said: “The training sessions have been designed to target staff who are new to the department so they can gain experience and confidence.

“Due to the advanced facilities we now have at SaTH, the management of the patients in every scenario we set are ran in real time with the appropriate equipment and Trust documentation and guidelines available.

“It not only allows the nurses to manage common resuscitation cases and practice practical skills, such as preparing and administering intravenous medications, inserting cannulas and taking blood samples, it also helps develop non-technical skills, such as communication in escalating concerns and getting the appropriate help or breaking bad news.”

The training is led by A&E Consultant, Dr Dodiy Herman and supported by a faculty of teaching fellows, Clinical practice instructors and F1 doctors.

The Simulation Suite was officially opened at RSH earlier this year as part of SaTH’s ongoing commitment to educating and training its current staff, and the next generation of medical professionals.

The new Suite replicates a clinical environment, but is risk free, and enables teams to work together and respond to a vast number of different medical scenarios. It is used for the training and education of healthcare workers – including junior doctors, nurses, advanced healthcare practitioners, healthcare assistants and medical students.

Dr Jenni Rowlands, Director of Post Graduate Education at SaTH, added: “We are committed to producing the best education at SaTH and that is why we have created this dedicated simulation faculty.

“Hopefully that will have a ripple effect, which will be heard across the West Midlands, that we value education and training and that we value our staff.”