4 November 2021

UPDATE (13.56) This incident has now been safely resolved and the Emergency Department and all other services at PRH have now been re-opened.

A statement from Nigel Lee, Chief Operating Officer

 “This morning a patient presented at the Emergency Department (ED) of the Princess Royal Hospital (PRH) having been exposed off-site at his local workplace to potentially harmful chemicals. The risk of onward contamination to other patients or staff at the hospital has been assessed as very low but, as a precautionary measure, the ED has been closed whilst decontamination cleaning is undertaken.

“The other patients from the ED have been moved elsewhere and are being assessed. Again, this is as a precaution, as there is currently no indication that anyone else has been affected. Diverts to the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital and other hospitals are in place for incoming patients to PRH and we are working very closely with all relevant partners and agencies.

“Whilst ED, and other services at PRH, are closed patients are asked not to come to the hospital and await further updates. We are working hard to ensure that the ED and other departments at PRH can re-open as soon as is practicably possible and we will issue an update on the situation as soon as new information is available.”

Media enquiries to: sath.commsteam@nhs.net