Shropshire Diabetic Eye Screening

Eye screening machine

Our team, based in the Hummingbird Centre at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, consists of 9 Eye Screening Practitioner / Graders, 1 Optometrist Retinal Graders and 4 clerical staff. We arrange our own clinics to photograph the retinas of diabetic patients and also run the Community screening programme. We have 2 fixed cameras at our hospital sites and 3 mobile cameras, which we transport to 19 venues around the county.

Digital screening is available at the Hummingbird Centre, Royal Shrewsbury Hospital (RSH) and at The Princess Royal Hospital (PRH), Monday – Friday. This will be the central call and recall for all patients with Diabetes to have their eyes screened.

We screen at 21 different venues throughout the county. We can now screen patients in their own GP practice or local hospital, where the facilities are available on different dates throughout the year.


Patients have their eyes screened for Diabetes changes with a digital camera.

Royal Shrewsbury Hospital & Princess Royal Hospital 

RSH – Mon-Fri 9.00am – 4.30pm
PRH – Mon-Fri 9.40am – 4.00pm

Community locations

Various venues across Shropshire, please call to discuss your screening requirements. Contact telephone number: 01743 261257