Diabetic nurses

Diabetes is a long-term condition caused by too much glucose, a type of sugar, in the blood. It is also known as diabetes mellitus.

In the UK, diabetes affects approximately 3.5 million people, although it is thought that at least half-a-million more people have the condition but are not aware of it. There are two main types of diabetes: type 1 and type 2 diabetes. For more information about Diabetes, please see the NHS Website page.

Diabetes Specialist Team

The team includes consultants, diabetes nurses, podiatrists, eye screeners and dietitians working in close liaison with the local GP’s and community diabetes nursing team.

Diabetes clinics

We run the following clinics about diabetes;

  • Insulin pump clinic (supporting those using standalone insulin pump therapy and those using both insulin pump and continuous blood glucose (CGM) or intermittently scanned CGM monitoring systems in conjunction)
  • Diabetes foot ulcer clinic
  • Diabetes antenatal clinic (supporting pregnant ladies with type 1 diabetes using CGM or intermittently scanned CGM systems)
  • Complex diabetes complications clinic
  • Diabetes urgent access clinic

Diabetes Nursing Team

The diabetes specialist nursing (DSN) team plays a key role in providing patient support and education. They also support staff and aim to deliver improving care standards. They also liaise with other health care professionals when required.

Key Info

Contact Us

Princess Royal Hospital
01952 641222 Ext: 4415

Royal Shrewsbury Hospital
01743 261000 Ext: 3436

Community Diabetes Nurses
01743 277693

Interested in working with us?

For more information about vacancies in the Trust please visit our Belong to Something website.


Our department works across the two sites at Shrewsbury and Telford. The consultants manning the departments are as follows:

Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

Dr Probal Moulik: 01743 261241
Dr Prashant Singh: 01743 261021
Dr Srinivasa Rangan: 01743 261241 / 261021

Princess Royal Hospital

Dr Darren Warner: 01952 641222 ext 4628
Dr David Barton: 01952 641222 ext 4791

Associated Wards and Services

Ward 26 (Royal Shrewsbury Hospital)

The nurses regularly visit ward areas / departments across both hospital sites to provide specialist advice for both staff and patients under the guidance of diabetes consultants. They are responsible for supporting ward staff / departments in delivering a high standard of diabetes care. In addition to this, the DSN service provides teaching sessions. They also support the outpatient clinics for diabetes reviews, ladies with type 1 diabetes in pregnancy and pump clinics.

They can be contacted on: 01743 261000 ext 3845, Fax: 01743 277695.