Breast Screening

The Shropshire Breast Screening Service is part of the National Breast Screening Programme (NHSBSP) and invites around 25,000 local women for screening each year.

In Shropshire we aim to provide and promote an efficient and effective, high quality breast screening service to all eligible women within a caring environment.

Currently, well women aged between 50 and 70, who are registered with a GP Practice in Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin, are screened every three years. The aim of breast screening is to detect breast cancer at an earlier stage, often before the woman is aware of any problem. Early detection may mean simpler and more successful treatment.

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When you are eligible for breast screening you will be sent an invite letter in the post and asked to contact the Breast Screening Office to arrange an appointment. Appointments are offered on multiple sites across Shropshire to make the service as widely accessible as possible. Screening appointments are offered on the mobile units and at each hospital site (Royal Shrewsbury Hospital and Princess Royal Hospital); you will be asked about your mobility to ensure an appropriate appointment is offered.

Please do your best to attend this appointment or phone again if it is no longer suitable.

The contact details for the Breast Screening Office are:

The NHS Breast Screening Programme is subject to monitoring by the West Midlands Screening QA Service (SQAS). It ensures that rigorous quality assurance standards are maintained.

You can find out more about breast screening on the NHS Cancer Screening Programmes website at where you can find out:

  • When and where you might be screened
  • How to cancel or change an appointment
  • Useful publications & links
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Screening Office Contact details
  • Outcomes of breast screening
  • Further tests
  • How to be breast aware