Treatments We Offer

We are able to provide a range of treatments for your condition, from minor surgery to creams and/ or tablets. All patients are seen by a member of our clinical team to assess their skin and decided an appropriate treatment plan.

If it is decided that surgery is required in the form of excision, biopsy etc, that would take place as a future appointment. Our patients our provided with all the information they need and are encouraged to ask any questions about their diagnosis/ treatment plan.

Please note that at your initial appointment and/ or future follow up appointments, you may be asked to remove your clothing so our clinicians can carry out a thorough skin check.  If you are coming regarding acne/ facial eczema or anything else relating to the face please do not wear any make up.

Minor Operation

We offer minor operations ranging from excisions to biopsies to confirm the diagnosis given to you. All operations are under local anaesthetic and are done within an hour. For more information please read our patient information leaflet.


This is a treatment that is used for psoriasis and eczema. Treatment is given to patients by them standing in a cabinet with ultraviolet lamps if the condition affects their whole body or they can sit in a machine after soaking the affected part of the body. Patients need to attend regularly, twice a week for 10 – 12 weeks. Hyperhidrosis patients are also given advice on equipment available to hire or purchase.


Special injections collectively named biologics injections are relatively new treatments for severe psoriasis. They alter the immune system.

The use of biologic injections is reserved for patients with severe psoriasis who either have not responded to standard treatments, have not been able to tolerate standard treatments or who have a contraindication to standard treatments such as methotrexate, ciclosporin or ultraviolet light therapy.


Many benign lesions, including actinic keratosis and warts, can be treated with cryotherapy. This is done by freezing the lesions using liquid nitrogen which is extremely cold at -196c. On occasions it may be suggested to use this treatment to treat small skin cancers such basal cell carcinomas.