Acute Pain Management Service (Inpatients only)

The Acute Pain Team at Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust provides support and advice in the management of acute (severe) pain for adult inpatients during their hospital stay.

Our mission statement is;

 “To deliver high quality assessable pain management, providing specialist support, care and advice. Promoting education, evidence based practice and standardised practice in clinical areas, giving nurses the knowledge, skills & information to provide effective, safe, compassionate care to prevent and control pain” 

All patients undergoing elective surgery will receive verbal and written information regarding their postoperative pain management, including PCA and epidural analgesia, from the pre-assessment nurses. Patients undergoing emergency surgery can discuss their postoperative pain management plan with their anaesthetist.

How we treat your pain depends on many things including the operation or illness you have, your previous experiences and how you respond to treatment. Controlling acute pain effectively will help to reduce complications and shorten the time you have to stay in hospital.

A nurse led acute pain ward round is undertaken each weekday on the surgical / orthopaedic wards, providing advice on the management of uncontrolled acute pain. We carry out daily assessments for all patients receiving post-operative analgesia from epidural, local anaesthetic blocks/infusions and patient controlled analgesia (PCA).

The team is also involved in education and training for staff, audit, research & development to improve the quality of pain management.

The inpatient team includes:

  • 1 Consultant Anaesthetists – Dr Hany Shawkat
  • 2 Clinical Nurse Specialists in Acute Pain

Pain which is more persistent (or otherwise known as ‘chronic pain’) is managed in the community. Referral into this service is done via your GP.