Pilates Videos

Pilates aims to strengthen the body through low impact exercises and helps to improve general fitness and wellbeing. It has something to offer people of all ages and fitness.

In normal times, we have a physiotherapy led Pilates class available for staff and patients referred in to the department with variable musculoskeletal conditions.

Due to the pandemic, we are unable to run our classes as normal so we have put together some exercise videos (20 minute duration each) you can do in the comfort of your own home.

We recommended that you warm up prior to undertaking a class. We have recorded a short warm-up that you could use if you prefer. You can then either select a specific class or do a combination. If you’re looking for a challenge try all 3 in succession.

It is wise to consult your doctor prior to starting a new exercise regime and always stop an exercise if it causes pain.

You should understand that when participating in an exercise programme there is a possibility of causing injury and this is at your own risk. SaTH physiotherapy does not accept responsibility for any injury or accident incurred as a result of the exercises posted in these videos.

Warm Up

Abs Workout

Upper Body Workout

Glutes Workout