Children’s Assessment Units

Our Children’s Assessment units are busy areas based at both the Princess Royal Hospital and Royal Shrewsbury Hospital sites. These units are not walk in units; children must have been referred to the service via a GP, Emergency Department or have an appointment. These areas are staffed with nurses, children’s nursing assistants, doctors and advanced nurse practitioners.

At Telford we have a 24 hour service where we see and treat acutely unwell children who require medical assessment, treatment and possible admission or medication. This area is unpredictable and patient volume can vary throughout the day and night. We have 8 beds within this unit made up of cubicles and bays. Here, patients can stay for varying amount of time depending on factors such as their reason for admission, which speciality they need to see and the level of tests and treatment they require.

At Shrewsbury, our unit is open from 9.00am – 5.00pm. We see children who require our input without the need for admission; this may be a planned review by a doctor or advanced nurse practitioner, blood tests or diagnostic tests. Children are usually on the unit for short period of time.