Paediatric Allergy Team

Who We Are

We are the paediatric allergy team. We are a team of two consultants & four nurse specialists. The consultants and the nurse specialists see children in clinics and help families identify, avoid if possible and manage children with various allergies.

What We Do

When your doctor makes a referral to our clinic you will get and appointment. In our clinic we will talk to you and take a thorough account of the sequence of events relating to your child’s allergy. We undertake formalised allergy testing (Skin prick testing) or bloods tests if needed. Make sure you bring relevant pictures of rash or skin manifestation if you have on your phone.

Our Team

Dr Rees, consultant paediatrician

Dr Sethuraman, consultant paediatrician

Lynette Charles, Nurse Consultant

Belinda Gower, Respiratory & Allergy Specialist nurse

Charlotte Nickson, Respiratory & Allergy Specialist nurse

Abigail Kill, Respiratory & Allergy Specialist nurse

Lorna Meakin, Respiratory Specialist nurse