Patient Advice and Information

Information About Your Blood Test

Information about different types of blood tests can be found in the Blood Sciences Test Database. You can also look in the Quick Guide to Turnaround Times. If a test is not listed in the test database, it may be performed by an external reference Laboratory. Contact the Laboratory for more information if required.

Patient advice on transporting samples

You may be asked to transport your sample to your local GP practice or directly to the laboratory, either at Telford or Shrewsbury (9am – 5pm, weekdays). We have transport vehicles picking up samples daily from every GP practice, usually during the morning, so samples left at your GP practice first thing in the morning should catch this transport service. It might be worth checking with your GP practice if they haven’t advised you. If you are asked to drop a sample off, please bear in mind that once the sample has been collected it should reach the laboratory as soon as is practicably possible. Most, but not all samples can be refrigerated if there is a delay.

How do I get my results?

We are unable to give out results to patients. In most cases it is appropriate to telephone your GP practice. If you want information about a particular test, try the Lab Tests Online website.

Patient advice on the collection of samples for testing

Please note:

  1. It is important that all samples submitted for laboratory investigation are clearly and adequately labelled. You should write the following on the specimen label: full name, date of birth and the date the specimen was collected.
  2. We will only know what tests your doctor has requested if the request form accompanies the specimen, so please keep the sample and the request form together in the sealable plastic bag and accompanying sleeve, which is for the request form.
  3. In general urine samples should reach the laboratory within 24 hours of collection, but as soon as is practicably possible.

Private testing

We are able to perform private tests under some circumstances, for which there is a charge. You can get information on requesting private tests from our administration team who can be contacted on 01743 261000 ext 1161.