Transplantation at SaTH

Transplantation is often the best treatment option for patients who have kidney issues, so we are likely to explore if this option can be available for you. There have been many improvements in kidney transplantation in the last few years, which has increased ways in which kidney transplantation is now more available to patients.

Kidney transplantation services are available for chronic kidney disease, and kidney and pancreas transplant services are available for patients with diabetes and chronic kidney failure.

We deal with all aspects of kidney transplantation, which include living kidney donation and being on the national kidney transplant waiting list. Our Transplant Sister can discuss your options with you on an individual basis and has a clinic on a Friday afternoon to see patients.

Living kidney donation has improved tremendously; previously if a donor did not have a compatible blood group with the patient who needed a kidney this could not go ahead. Blood groups now do not have to be compatible to be able to donate a kidney through the living donor kidney programme.

Here at SaTH, we are here to help and advise you on whether you are suitable for transplantation in the future and help you through this process.

We do not do the transplants here; kidney transplants are done at The University Hospital Birmingham as they are our Transplant Centre. Occasionally you may be referred to another hospital for transplant but this will be discussed with you first.

Kidney and pancreas Transplants are done at Cardiff Hospital.

Our Transplant Sister is available to discuss your individual needs with you, and she is available on 01743 261039, or through email