Theatres, Anaesthesia and Critical Care – Our Team

Our team is made up of a large amount of specialists. Please see below for the list of our consultants, their primary base (Royal Shrewsbury hospital – RSH, Princess Royal Hospital – PRH) and their specialty.

Consultant Primary Site Primary Speciality
Dr Annandurai PRH Paediatrics
Dr Branfield RSH Obstetrics
Dr Baguley RSH Pre Op Assessment
Dr Behura PRH Obstetrics
Dr Brunner RSH Trauma and Orthopaedics
Dr Davies PRH ITU
Dr Dashputre PRH Pre Op Assessment
Dr de Klerk RSH Obstetrics
Dr Elcock RSH General
Dr Eli PRH Obstetrics
Dr Hester PRH ITU
Dr Hollands RSH ITU
Dr Jones RSH Vascular
Dr Juozaitis PRH Chronic Pain
Dr Jurai PRH Paediatrics
Dr Jutsum RSH ITU
Dr Kirkor PRH Chronic Pain
Dr Kulemeka RSH General
Dr Leach RSH Pre Op Assessment
Dr Miller RSH ITU
Dr Mowatt RSH ITU
Dr Schirge PRH Paediatrics
Dr Shawkat RSH General
Dr Shivanna PRH General
Dr Slater PRH ITU
Dr Srivastava PRH General
Dr Stewart PRH Paediatrics
Dr Sykes RSH General
Dr Tufft PRH ITU
Dr Weesekera PRH Obstetrics
Dr Windsor RSH ITU
Dr Wright PRH Paediatrics

The Consultant body is supported by the following Non-Consultant Career Grade Staff:

Dr Barakam Dr Casanova Dr Garforth
Dr Howe Dr Iftime Dr Malliaros
Dr Menon Dr Rahimi Dr Randery
Dr Rivzi Dr Shaw Dr Singh
Dr Skrebutenas Dr Subramanian
Dr Ademulia (Locum) Dr Kriisa (Locum) Dr Roy (Locum)

In addition, the Department supports the training of a number of Junior Doctors (Specialist Trainees and Core Trainees) in conjunction with the Stoke School of Anaesthesia.