Tell Us What You Think

Why does my feedback matter?

Feedback from patients, carers, visitors and anyone else who accesses our services is vital to ensuring safe and kind care. Without telling us what your experience was like, we cannot improve and shape our services with your needs in mind.

Your feedback will be listened to and shared with the relevant team, ward or department. Feedback will be shared with staff, both when things went well and when things could have been better. When improvements are identified, sometimes this can be done quickly and sometimes it may take a while however feedback is always helpful in gaining insight to a patient’s experience and demonstrating when there is a need for change.

Examples of how we use your feedback to improve can be found around the hospitals on “You Said, We Did” posters.

We need you to let us know what we get right as well as if there are things we could do differently or better. There are a number of ways you can do this:

If you would like to receive a survey in another format for example in braille, a different language or would prefer to complete a survey via telephone or by hand, please contact the Patient Experience Team. If you feel none of the above methods are accessible for you, please share your suggestions with the Patient Experience Team.