Paediatric Audiology Services

The paediatric audiology service aims to be a family friendly and family centred. Parents must be fully involved in the diagnosis where possible, and services need to be flexible and available at times that suit families. If interpreters are required, we will endeavour to provide them at every appointment. All facilities are accessible to wheelchair users and services adapted to the need of those with other disabilities as required.

The audiology service will provide evidenced based high quality care, using up to date techniques. Appointments should be led by an appropriate qualified and trained audiological professional.

All appointments must have clear set outcomes, and this should be clearly communicated to the parents at each appointment, and in the management plans. Priority is determined by clinical need and the availability of facilities.

We will work very closely with colleagues in education, speech and language therapy, ENT and sensory inclusion service, aiming to provide a seamless, team approach to avoid unnecessary duplication and / or inappropriate follow – up.

COVID-19 Update 

The best way to prevent and slow down transmission is to be well informed about the COVID-19 virus, the disease it causes and how it spreads. Protect yourself and others from infection by washing your hands or using an alcohol based rub frequently and not touching your face.

Effective social distancing amongst teams and patients is therefore a vital part of the NHS response going forwards. Paediatric Audiology services see many babies, children and young people for hearing assessments. NHS England and the British Academy of Audiology have issued guidance on how services can be adapted following the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Newborn Hearing Screening test helps to identify babies who have permanent hearing loss as early as possible. This means parents can get the support and advice they need right from the start.

The hearing screening test is offered to all new parents and is usually carried out in hospital before you are discharged.

Sometimes, it is not possible to get a clear response from the screening test. An outpatient appointment will then be arranged to carry out any additional tests as required.

You can read more about the screening test on the NHS Website.

Your child can be referred for a hearing test by a GP, Health Visitors, School Nurses, Community Paediatrician, Speech and Language Therapists or any other health professional that may have concerns.

We offer hearing tests at various locations throughout Shropshire:

Shrewsbury: Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, Mytton Oak Road, Shrewsbury, SY3 8XQ

Telford: Princess Royal Hospital, Apley Castle, Telford, TF1 6TF or The Stepping Stones Centre, Brunel Road, Telford, TF3 2BF

Bridgnorth: Community Hospital, Northgate, Bridgnorth, Shropshire, WV16 4EU

Church Stretton: Health And Wellbeing Centre, Easthope Road , Church Stretton, Shropshire, SY6 6BL

Market Drayton: Medical Practice, Maer Lane, Market Drayton, TF9 3AL

Whitchurch: Community Hospital, Claypit Street, Whitchurch, SY13 1NT

Oswestry: The Health Centre, Thomas Savin Road, Oswestry, SY11 1GA

During an Appointment

  • We will discuss the reasons why the child has been referred for a hearing test and if there are any concerns about their hearing.
  • Discuss your child’s medical history
  • Have a look in your child’s ears and carry out a hearing test.
  • Discuss the results and make any necessary arrangements for further testing.

The appointment will last approximately 30 minutes. Depending on the results we will either discharge the child from the service or arrange another appointment for further testing.

Please contact Coral House on 01743 450 800 to book an appointment for your child.

These appointments are for new or existing hearing aid users. Your Audiologist will be able to advise you how often you should have a hearing aid evaluation.

During an appointment

These appointments are for new or existing hearing aid users. Your Audiologist will be able to advise you how often you should have a hearing aid evaluation.

During an appointment

  • We will discuss your child’s medical history
  • Have a look in your child’s ears and carry out a hearing test.
  • Check the hearing aids are fitted comfortably.
  • Check the hearing aids are adjusted to appropriate level of hearing loss.
  • Discuss the results and make any necessary referrals to any other professionals if needed (ENT / Speech and Language Therapist / Teacher of the Deaf

Hearing aid assessments usually last 1 hour 30 minutes and are carried out at the following venues:

  • Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, Mytton Oak Road, Shrewsbury, SY3 8XQ
  • Women’s and Children’s Centre, Princess Royal Hospital, Apley Castle, Telford, TF1 6TF
  • The Stepping Stones Centre, Malinslee, Telford, TF3 2BF

To book an appointment please contact NHS Shropshire Audiology:

Royal Shrewsbury Hospital – 01743 261 482

Princess Royal Hospital – 01925 282 804

From around the age of 15, most young people have their Audiology review appointments in the ‘Transition Clinic’. The aim of the clinic is to prepare young adults for the move from paediatric to adult audiology services, which includes support through further education and/or employment. The final transfer to the adult audiology services will not take place until the person is ready, usually once they have started further education or full time employment.

What to expect at your transition appointment?

During your appointment you can expect,

  • A hearing assessment and check of your hearing aid(s).
  • To meet your Transition Hearing Therapist/Audiologist.
  • To be supported by other professionals, including your Teacher of the Deaf from the Sensory Inclusion Service.
  • Information you need about further education and employment.
  • To develop awareness of services available before, during and after their transition (e.g. Access to Work, Disability Living Allowance).
  • To develop knowledge of Assistive Listening Devices and how to use them with their hearing aid(s).

How to make an appointment?

Approximately 12 months after the transition appointment you will be given the opportunity to have a further review appointment. New moulds, repairs, tubing can also be requested at any time by contacting the Audiology department.

Hearing therapy appointments are available if you need further support or advice on,

  • Tinnitus
  • Employment and Education
  • Assistive Listening Devices
  • Communication skills to increase confidence
  • Support services and organisations

We will work to develop an appropriate support package during this transition period.

Sensory Inclusion Service

For more information about the Sensory Inclusion Service, including updates and local events, please visit the Sensory Inclusion Service Website