Hearing Loss Support Services

NHS Shropshire Audiology services work with a number of organisations to provide a range of hearing loss support services.

Equipment can be accessed through the Social Services who provide support to people with a hearing impairment, to enable them to live as independently as possible and gain the skills they need to be safe and have a good quality of life.

If you or someone you know would like to access this service, the details are listed below.

Shropshire Council

If your place of residence is registered with Shropshire Council, then you can contact the Sensory Impairment Team using the details below or request a self-referral form from your local NHS Audiology Department,

Shropshire Sensory Impairment Team
The Lantern
Meadow Farm Drive
Telephone 01743 250529
Email: cs.sensoryimpairment@shropshire.gov.uk

Alternatively, there are a number of sessions available at the following venues. You must book an appointment before attending by phoning 01743 250529.

The Lantern, Meadow Farm Drive, Shrewsbury

The Meres Community Centre, Ellesmere
First Thursday of each month, between 2pm and 4pm.

Helena Lane, 20 Hamlet Rd, Ludlow, Sy8 2NP
Second Friday of each month, between 10am to 1pm

Telford and Wrekin Council 

To make a self-referral, or for advice & information contact Wellbeing Independence Partnership (WIP) in office hours on:

Telephone: 01952 916030

E-mail: wip@tandwcvs.org.uk

SMS only: 07797875385

The staff are able to do visits that are deemed essential such as replacing broken equipment essential to keep people safe such as pagers and vibrating smoke alarms and offer telephone assessments.

What is C2Hear?

  • An evidence-based set of 10 interactive multimedia videos (or reusable learning objects, RLOs)
  • Addresses practical and psychosocial issues about hearing aids and communication.
  • Developed with hearing aid users and audiologists.
  • At the end of each RLO there is a self-evaluation quiz to show what has been learned.

What are the benefits?

  • Better knowledge of hearing aids and communication.
  • Better hearing aid handling skills.
  • Greater use of hearing aids for people who don’t wear their hearing aids all of the time.
  • Improved confidence and reassurance in using hearing aids and communicating.

To view C2Hear’s videos please visit their Youtube Channel.

The Effective Hearing Programme (EHP) is a half day workshops to help you adjust to having a hearing impairment.

We urge people to bring a family member or friend as the course will also be relevant to them particularly in terms of communicating well with people with hearing loss. Some people find wearing a hearing aid very frustrating, and it can take them some time to feel comfortable and confident.

Effective Hearing Programmes are a chance to share experiences, challenges and successes with others in similar situations as well as gain valuable information about the services and support available locally. All our EHP tutors have personal experience of hearing loss.

The programme runs from 9.30am to 1pm and you will need to attend for the whole morning. The course is FREE to attend and complementary drinks are provided.

If you would like to attend one of these courses, telephone 01743 342168 or email: shls@shropshire-rcc.org.uk.

For a list of the latest EHP dates, please visit the Shropshire RCC Website.

Please note: all hard of hearing groups have been suspended due to the pandemic.

Market Drayton
Every 1st Monday in the month, 2.30 pm
Methodist Church, Clive road.
Contact: Mrs Barbara Riley (Secretary) 01630 652441 or
Mrs Jean Johnson (Chair) 01630 652296

1st Wednesday of each month at 10am
Oswestry Library, Arthur Street, Oswestry

Every 2nd Monday in the month, 2.00 pm
United Reformed Church Hall, Coleham Head, Shrewsbury
Contact: Erica Horner (Chair) 01939 290489 or 01743 873540

Every 1st Tuesday of the month, 10.30am – 12.30pm
Hadley Methodist Church, High St. Hadley, Telford
Contact: Mrs Chris Nock, 01952 604410

Every 1st Tuesday in the month, 2.00 pm
The Senior Club, Pearl Yard, Whitchurch
Contact: Bernice Slater 01948 664108

Due to the pandemic face to face lip-reading courses have been suspended.  However, we are now offering 6 week Lip-reading courses via Zoom for small groups of people.  If you have reliable Wi-Fi and access to a laptop or tablet and would like to try a zoom course, please email us to let us know that you would like to try an online course.

The courses are completely free of charge and last 10 weeks.

Each session lasts 2 hours with approximately 14-16 people in each session. The tutors are highly qualified and experienced.

The aim of the course is to,

  • Improve and develop your lip-reading skills
  • Find out ways to cope with difficult listening situations, such as meetings, restaurants, groups conversations
  • Find out what support services are available to help you with your hearing difficulties
  • Meet other people in similar situations and gain valuable support

If you would like to attend a lip-reading course please e-mail sath.audiology@nhs.net or telephone 01743 261 482.

Please state choice of location and whether you prefer day or evening course.

We will add you to our waiting list and contact you when there is a course available in your area.

For more information about lip-reading and courses that are available please visit the following websites.


Signal is a charity offering information and support for Deaf British Sign Language users, people experiencing tinnitus and people with hearing loss across Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin.

The charity currently offers a different range of services due to COVID-19 restrictions, including…

  1. Delivering online Tinnitus Support Groups via Zoom.
  2. Delivering online Speaker Sessions for Tinnitus, on topics such as mindfulness, via Zoom.
  3. Providing one-to-one support for people experiencing tinnitus who are going through a challenging time.
  4. Writing letters to vulnerable tinnitus group members who do not have access to any other form of email, phone or video communication.
  5. Helping to reduce isolation by making contact with Deaf BSL users via a weekly text and FaceTime calls.
  6. On request, delivering virtual Deaf Awareness Education Training via video.

Contact Details

Telephone: 01743 358356
Text: 07950 782819)
Email: info@signal.org.uk
Website: signal.org.uk

Shropshire RCC Hearing Loss Support volunteers are fully trained by Shropshire NHS Audiology & many are hearing aid users themselves. For information on a local clinic or a home visit for people who are housebound contact 01743 342168, email shls@shropshire-rcc.org.uk or visit the Shropshire RCC Website.

Please note this service is for peer support, re-tubing and advice on hearing aid care (not for hearing aid fine tunes or adjustments).

For more complex repairs or problems with how your hearing aid sounds please contact Shropshire NHS Audiology.