Chapels and Places of Reflection

The Hospital Chapels are open 24 hours a day, for the use of patients, staff and visitors. They provide a place for people to reflect, pray or just be quiet. We are unable to allow the lighting of candles in the Chapels. However, there is a Pebble Pool available which we hope will act as a satisfactory alternative.

For Muslims there are washing facilities, prayer mats (currently in paper form due to Covid-19 restrictions) and a sign locating the direction of Ka’bah.

Princess Royal Hospital Chapel

Image of the Chapel at Princess Royal Hospital

Royal Shrewsbury Hospital Chapel

Image of Chapel at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

In addition to the Hospital Chapels there are gardens available for quiet reflection at each hospital.

 The White Garden

At the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital the white garden has been created as a place of tranquillity and incorporates hand-painted stones which have been decorated by Shropshire schoolchildren. The white garden is located near the Hamar Centre.

Space at the Princess Royal Hospital:

Captain Tom’s Courtyard

For quiet reflection there is a new courtyard located at the Princess Royal Hospital named after Captain Sir Tom Moore which has seating pods and private areas amongst flower beds.

Memory Garden

A memory garden is located near Ward 15, 16 and the Paul Brown Unit.