A – Z of Fundraising Ideas

From coffee mornings to black-tie dinners, football tournaments to marathons, there are so many ways that you can organise your own fundraising for the cause you care about.

We can support you in many ways, sharing our logo to use on posters and leaflets, providing posters and leaflets for your event, sponsorship forms and lots of encouragement! If you are having an event and you would like someone from the SaTH charity Team to attend and perhaps say a few words, the earlier we know about your event the better.

Please contact our Charity Team if you are planning an event or challenge, as we can help you with sponsorship forms, ideas and publicity. Email sath.charity@nhs.net to get in touch.

Abseil, Auction, Afternoon Tea, Arts and Crafts Stall

Bingo night, Bake Off, Bike Ride, Bungee Jump, Beer Garden Night

Camping, Car Wash, Create a Calendar, Charity Ball, Comedy Night

Dinner and Dance, Disco, Dog Walk, Dance Off, Dress up/Down Day

Eighties Night, Exercise Challenge, Entertainment Evening

Five-a-side Match, Fancy Dress Contest, Fun Run, Festival

Games Night, Garden Party, Good Deeds Day, Give It Up Challenge

Head Shave, Hero Day, Hula-Hooping, Horrendous Hair Day

Indoor Market, Ice Plunge, Ironing, Indoor Sports Day

Joke-a-thon, Jeans Day, Jigsaw Puzzle Event, Jazz Night

Karaoke Night, Kid-For-A-Day, Kindness Day, Knitting Nannies Event

Left-Handed Day, Leg Wax, Lunch Party, Limbo Competition

Mountain Climb, Murder Mystery, Marathon, Music Festival, Movie Night

Non-Uniform Day, Nature Trail, Netball Tournament, Name the Bear

Office Party, Open Mic Night, Obstacle Course

Pyjama Day, Paintballing, Pram Push, Pancake Event, Picnic, Poker Night

Quiz Night, Quit Something, Quirky Quilt Making

Race, Raffle, Record Breaker Challenge, Rowing, Roller Derby

Swear Jar, Sports Day, Salsa Night, Sponsored Silence, Street Party, Speed Dating

Talent Competition, Tea Party, Themed Evening, Treasure Hunt, Toy Sale

Unwanted Gift Sale, Used Book Sale

Variety Show, Vehicle Rally, Volleyball Competition, Video Game Tournament

Wear-A Wig-To-Work Day, Walkathon, Waxing, Wall of Fame

Xmas Fete, Xmas Pantomime

Yoga Class, Yes Day, Yellow Day, Yearbook

Zumba, Zodiac Readings, Zip Wire, Zombie Escape Rooms