£10 can make a big difference to our patients…

The aim of our Dementia Appeal is to assist our hospitals with the creation of dementia-friendly spaces and to buy equipment and resources that will help to reduce confusion, anxiety and distress for patients who have dementia.

An acute general hospital can be a disorientating and often frightening place for anyone, but this may be considerably worse for someone who is living with dementia. The stress often of an unfamiliar environment and the constant challenge the person faces in understanding what is happening can be overwhelming. The risks of distress and deterioration in health and well-being consequently increase.

We try to provide appropriate activities to support stimulation to help people to remain alert and motivated. Activities can also reduce like agitation, repeated questions, and anger. This keeps people engaged and occupied as well as giving them a way to use their energy in a positive way.

Making a donation towards our Dementia Appeal, or buying an item from our Amazon wish list helps us to provide the following:

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