Public Participation Plan

The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust is committed to ensuring that the patient-public voice is at the centre of shaping our health services, both now and in the future. The five-year Public Participation Plan outlines how we are going to develop community engagement within the Trust and embed involvement in the work that we do. The Plan outlines how we will work with our people in the clinical Divisions to engage and involve our communities in a timely and meaningful way. The Plan outlines how we will engage with our local communities. We want to build greater public confidence, trust and understanding by listening and being responsive to the needs of our local communities.

In 2021 we developed our Public Participation Plan by engaging with our public and our workforce through a wide range of activities including holding focus groups, an online survey and an extensive online conversation (through the Make a Difference Platform). We held stakeholder events throughout the year to sense check and review the feedback we received from our public and workforce and the final draft was reviewed by our Senior Leadership Committee, as well as by our external partners (such as both Healthwatches, CHC and main patient groups).

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Public Participation Plan Stakeholder Event August 2021