Midwife Led Units

Shropshire has five midwifery led units (MLUs), where you will meet Midwives and Women’s Services Assistants (WSAs) who will care for you throughout your pregnancy.

Midwives who work in MLUs are very experienced and have undergone additional training in order to manage emergency situations. The midwives have direct access 24 hours a day to obstetricians and neonatal staff, to discuss any problems that may occur. WSAs are all trained in breastfeeding skills and will assist you in the postnatal period.

In Whitchurch and Market Drayton there are community midwives who offer a homebirth service.

You can contact the midwives at your local unit for advice and support during your pregnancy, when your labour is starting, and after you have your baby. It is also convenient for your friends and family to visit you when you’ve had your baby. There are also regular clinics at each MLU where women who require additional specialist care can see an obstetrician.

At each pregnancy appointment you will be risk assessed, and if deemed low risk by the time you reach 37 weeks pregnant, you will be eligible to birth your baby in an MLU.

The Birthplace National Prospective Cohort Study(2011), found that having a planned birth in an MLU was just as safe as having a baby in an obstetric unit. Women who give birth in an MLU report greater satisfaction with their care, have less intervention and are more likely to succeed if they choose to breastfeed their baby.

For information and advice about where to give birth please visit:

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Contact Us


As well as ringing your local MLU to arrange a booking appointment, you can also ring a central booking appointment number: 01743261085.

Community Teams

Whitchurch Community Midwifery Team

01948660838 or 07900211089.

Market Drayton Community Midwifery Team

01630650727 or 07786263592.