Consultant Led Unit – Princess Royal Hospital

The Consultant-Led Unit is a new purpose-built unit within the new Women and Children’s Centre at the Princess Royal Hospital in Telford.

The Consultant-Led Unit consists of the following wards;

You can meet our Antenatal Clinic consultants here.

If you have an existing medical problem or may need additional monitoring during labour, or if your labour is being induced then you are advised to give birth here, where our highly-trained and experienced midwives and doctors will care for you.

Visiting hours:

  • We welcome partners to the antenatal and postnatal ward between 9am-8.30pm.
  • For other visitors the wards are open from 2pm-4pm and 6.30pm-8.30pm.

We restrict visitors where possible to the maximum of two to facilitate privacy and noise reduction for all women.

Additionally, on the Antenatal Ward during induction of labour or latent phase of labour, we welcome one support partner to stay when this can be accommodated.

The Delivery Suite has an open visiting policy for birthing partners and we welcome them onto the unit.

We limit the number of birthing partners to two per woman, as any more than this impedes on the ability of the midwife to communicate and develop a trusting relationship with you and your birthing partner. It can also have an impact on safety should an emergency situation arise.

This is guidance only and an individual family’s circumstances will always be taken into account.