Birth Reflections Service

Birth Reflections is available for any service users from six weeks postnatal onwards in order to explore their maternity experience with a specially trained midwife.

The service provides you with the opportunity to sit down with a specially trained midwife. The session will be held in our Antenatal Clinic where you will go through and explore your previous maternity experience using available hospital notes and records.

Through the service, we hope your maternity or birth experience will become clearer and any questions you have can be answered.

If you need more help following the session, our team will be able to refer you for further support and will be able to help you plan for any possible future involvement with our services.

The session will last for up to one and a half hours and we encourage you to write down any concerns or questions they have prior to the appointment to discuss with the midwife. You are welcome to bring someone with you to the appointment, or to come alone.

If you would like to make an appointment in the Birth Reflections Service, please email us at with your name, date of delivery, NHS or hospital number, date of birth and preferred contact number. Once this information has been sent, a member of the team will contact you via telephone to talk about your referral. 

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