Maternity Patient Information

We provide a wide range of specialist services here at Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital. In this section you will find links to information covering the many aspects of care provided by our maternity units. If you cannot find all the information you need on this website please contact your community midwife who will be able to help.

Covid-19 Patient Information

Please see our Maternity Care during COVID-19 Page for more information.  You can view a video here that answers some of the FAQs about getting the COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy. Please see the RCOG website for more information.

Postnatal Information

After the Birth

Mental Health
Mums in mind

Feeding Your Baby
Infant Feeding Information
Sterilising Advice
Responsive Bottle Feeding
Expressing and Storing Breastmilk
‘Watch your Baby – Not the Clock’ – Responsive Feeding
Positioning and Attachment
Breastfeeding in context
1001 Critical Days
Building Young Brains
Caring for your baby at Night
Off to the Best Start – A Guide to Help You Start Breastfeeding
Start4Life: A Guide to Bottle Feeding

Patient Debrief

Talk About:‘Talk about’ is an opportunity for you to meet with a midwife or a doctor if you want a better understanding of what happened at your baby’s birth.

Illness In Newborns (Available in other languages)
Baby Check: Checking for Illness
Illness in Newborn Babies

Safe Sleeping
Unicef: Caring for your baby at night
Safe Sleep Information: Lift The Baby
BASIS: Baby Sleep Info Source
The Lullaby Trust video: When your baby wont sleep


Coping with Crying
ICON Poster
ICON – Infant Crying and How to Cope
ICON – Infant Crying is Normal
If you are a parent with a young baby that won’t stop crying please watch this video. It is from the perspective of a Dad and shows how to use the ICON resources. If you need any further help please go to the ICON Website.