Ward 16 Acute Stroke Unit

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Welcome to Ward 16 Acute Stroke Unit

Our ward, which consists of 18 beds in total, is part of the Stroke Unit at the Princess Royal Hospital. Patients are likely to be transferred to us to focus on rehabilitation having been in ward 15 receiving acute stroke care.

We have a large amount of staff on the ward, with approximately 30 Nurses and a large number of therapists, including Occupational, Physio, Speech and Language and Dieticians. Patients staying on our ward are encouraged to participate in self-care to help with their rehab. This may involve washing themselves, getting up, eating at a table, playing board games and visiting the resource room; where patients do activities such as poster making, playing games and making Christmas decorations.

Here on Ward 16, we’re very proud to be the first ward in the Trust to achieve Exemplar status, receiving a gold award. To achieve Exemplar Ward status, the team on a ward must meet high standards in a number of key areas including: caring, medicine management, leadership, nutrition and hydration, cleanliness, safety and record-keeping. For more information about this you can read the following news item.

Please speak to a member of staff before bringing children on the ward.

When visiting us at the ward we politely ask;

  • That you make sure mobile phones are on silent.
  • You avoid bringing flowers onto the ward due to hygiene reasons.
  • Visitors avoid sitting on patient beds.
  • There are no more than two visitors at a bedside.
  • Chairs are put away at the end of each visit.
  • Hand rub that is located on the main ward door is used when entering and leaving the ward. This is an important infection control measure.

If you are admitted to one of our hospitals and would like some guidance about your stay, please visit our staying with us page.

Key Info

Contact us

For general enquiries please contact:
Tel: 01952 641222
Ext: 4016


Princess Royal Hospital, Telford

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Ward Management

Ward Manager: Sharon Angelides
Matron: Claire Saphier

Visiting Times

Please note: under national guidelines there are currently restrictions on people visiting our hospitals. Please see our Coronavirus page for more information.

11:30am – 8.00pm.

Please note that our mealtimes are protected, which means visitors may be asked to leave unless they’re supporting patients with meals. Visitors may also be asked to leave during ward hand over and Consultant ward rounds due to confidentiality.

Lunch mealtimes: 12:45 – 13:30
Evening mealtimes: 17:45 – 18:30

Associated Services

Stroke Services
Therapy Services


Patient feedback

‘The Ward is lovely, the staff look after you very well. The staff are perfect.’

‘Ward 16 has lovely caring staff, it is everything I would expect as a Rehab Ward.’

‘I think Ward 16 is absolutely great. First class, the staff are amazing.’

‘No words will ever thank you enough for the professional care I have received. Right from the calm and cheerful reception at a traumatic time to the total care in every department. I am determined to continue your good work and I shall be walking when I next visit for my rehab appointment.’

Feedback from relatives

‘A huge thank you to all the staff for all the care given to my son during his stay on Ward 16. You are all amazing and really go the extra mile. One day I will be able to bring him in to say thank you himself.’

‘Thank you to each and every member of staff on Ward 16 who have worked so hard towards my husband’s recovery from his stroke. I do realise how challenging this was at times for you all and I am deeply grateful.’

Feedback from Staff who have worked with us

‘Thank you for being such a fantastic part of my working life over the years and thank you for teaching me loads. I’ve been proud to be a part of a team that gives such good rehab and care for patients and families, in an acute trust environment that is not always easy, but I feel we have proved that we area such an essential part of a patient’s journey.

I have loved working with you all and I will miss you loads. Carry on doing your amazing work!’ (Helen, Physiotherapist)