Bank and Temporary Staff

Advert promoting the Bank workforce at SaTH

We are always in need of staff who can work for us on an ad-hoc basis, sometimes at short notice. These members of staff are known as Bank Staff and roles generally mirror substantive posts within the Trust.

The Trust’s electronic booking system for bank and temporary staff makes it easier and more efficient for you to plan and book your shifts. Managers can “advertise” vacant shifts online in order for bank to view what is available and book themselves onto shifts from their home computers or electronic devices (such as mobile phones and other hand held devices).

Bank employees can also place their availability online so that managers and the Temporary Staffing Team can identify people who might be able to fill shifts more easily. Payment for shifts worked will also be processed electronically, eliminating the use of paper timesheets. As of 1st April 2018, staff can now chose whether to be paid monthly or weekly. For more information about payment please view our Frequently Asked Questions.